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Both parties agree that this purchase contract is valid only after the transfer of the advance of 50% of the total has been made. This is for products and performance. Should the customer / buyer decide to withdraw from the purchase after the advance paid, this will not be returned to the same as this has been committed to cover the costs of management and production of the piece itself.
Here the law is applied, which can be seen under the point "Relations with the Customer / Buyer," according to which there is a right of withdrawal from the purchase, if the same took place through an Online Commercial platform (E-Commerce) with return of the 14-day advance. Even the balance is not returned if the Customer / Buyer does not take delivery of the purchased goods. The balance must be paid before delivery in the form of acceptance, seen and accepted by the buyer / customer.

This occurs after APC has verified the truthfulness and signed for acceptance, sent the manufactured product data sheet, and signed the manufactured product release data sheet for acceptance. If PayPal is chosen as the payment method, this rule is not applicable. In this case, the full amount must be paid at the time of purchase. However, PayPal offers, for its part, the possibility of payment in installments.

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